supporting Cambridge public school students

Our Impact

Our positive impact on student achievement derives from our close connection to the Cambridge, Massachusetts community at large, one that offers a wealth of knowledge and experience. CSV is able to recruit a corps of tutors and mentors of very high quality and commitment. Watch this video to understand the extent of our impact and how we’ve drawn on the community for support over the last fifty-plus years.

Remote tutoring during the pandemic—One-to-one connections made all the difference in the world.

Key Strengths that allow us to achieve impact in the Cambridge Public Schools:

Our only service area is the Cambridge Public School District, so we can customize our programs and services to meet the needs of the specific schools in the system.

We are a small organization and therefore can adapt quickly to changes in the school district. For example, with the restructuring of the city’s schools and the launch of new middle (“upper”) schools in 2012, we created Learning Centers for each new school to address the students in Grades 6–8. During the COVID-19 pandemic, we adapted our volunteer onboarding and many of our supports for students to an all-remote format, using videoconferencing and other digital tools.

We are integrated into the school system as a partner organization. We have relationships, cultivated for five decades, with teachers, principals, parents, and administrators throughout the schools. With offices inside the city’s one public high school, Cambridge Rindge and Latin School (CRLS), we are centrally sited in the school district.

We have maintained corporate partnerships with the Cambridge business community for over three decades. Our flagship corporate volunteer programs bring hundreds of volunteers into Cambridge Public Schools as regular, one-on-one Reading Buddies, NetPals mentors, and KeyPals mentors.

Students’ academic achievement and personal success is our bottom line at CSV. We muster the many members of Cambridge community who agree that young people in Cambridge deserve an excellent education and are willing to put their own time into that value.

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