supporting Cambridge public school students

Voracious Readers

Cambridge School Volunteers’ Reading Buddies program applies the efforts of more than 160 caring, trained volunteers to instill a love of reading amongst Cambridge public school students who are on the cusp of becoming independent readers.

In our Reading Buddies program, CSV pairs each 1st-, 2nd- or 3rd-grader with an adult for a biweekly or weekly 30–40 minute read-aloud session. CSV collaborates closely with teaching staff at two schools where Reading Buddies operates, and with coordinators at partner businesses who assist by helping to recruit, train, and track their employees who volunteer as buddies.

Reading Buddies read aloud weekly or biweekly with young students.

Reading Buddies uses a proven model for boosting kids’ academic progress—a one-to-one relationship that pivots on reading aloud. Children considered “poor readers” improved not only their interest in reading but their overall academic performance, compared to a control group, in one Washington, D.C. study of a similar reading buddies program.Woman and boy reading together

Watch here: librarians at Kennedy-Longfellow School and Fletcher Maynard Academy in Cambridge talk about how the combination of the right book and the volunteer buddy, can make a child’s love of reading flourish.

New books are vital to keeping children’s engagement with reading high. The children in our Reading Buddies classrooms clamor for new books whenever they appear on our book carts—a great sign of a voracious reader in the making.  In-demand authors, excellent illustrations, and up-to-date subjects contribute to the success of the reading buddies model for boosting literacy.

Would you like to contribute terrific What Color Is My World Library Bookchildren’s books so that our buddies can enjoy the world of reading together? You can choose a book from our Amazon wishlist and have it sent directly to Cambridge School Volunteers here. Please also feel free to buy the books on the wishlist from a local bookstore. Or, you can make a contribution here (choose “Literacy” from the drop-down menu).

On behalf of Cambridge kids—thanks for building a love of reading!