supporting Cambridge public school students

Virtual Volunteering

Some virtual volunteering opportunities in the Cambridge Public Schools will be available, in addition to in-person volunteer roles, this year.

High School: Preference will be given to volunteers who can work on site and in person at the CSV/CRLS Tutoring Center and in the College and Career Mentoring Program, but some remote openings may be available.

Other Grades: Decisions about virtual volunteering openings at other grade levels will be determined by CPS educators and administration, in consultation with CSV.

All in-person volunteering will be subject to COVID-19 safety procedures mandated by the Cambridge Public Schools.

Cambridge School Volunteers (CSV) Guidelines for Remote/Virtual Volunteering

These guidelines apply to any CSV volunteers who do interact with students remotely/virtually, whether by special permission and CSV staff approval, or during a period of days or weeks as may be required by the Cambridge Public Schools’ COVID safety precautions.

As the agency collaborating with CSV to provide tutoring and other volunteer-powered programs with CPS, Cambridge School Volunteers is committed to creating a safe, friendly and  productive virtual learning environment for all. We know that tutoring on a virtual platform is not the same as an in-person interaction. However, remote tutoring still provides an opportunity for CSV volunteers to support the larger effort to engage students and to build positive relationships in their school environment.  

Helpful Information

The Cambridge Public School District (CPS) uses Google Workspace for Education which utilizes the video conference platform Google Meet. In certain cases CPS allows the use of Zoom for video conferencing with students.  

You will need to download Google Chrome to use as your browser for optimal interaction on Google Meet.  

You do not need to have a Gmail account but you will need to provide an email.  

CSV staff are here for support to you, our tutors/mentors. Please check in with your coordinator to share successes and challenges.


Students are (and should be) using their school-issued Chromebooks. CPS blocks many websites for student safety and monitors student activity.  

CSV staff will serve as the liaison for communications regarding your student(s) ongoing support needs.  

Students do not have access to schedule their own sessions and tutors should not independently initiate any remote tutoring sessions unless approved by a CPS and/or CSV employee.  

Be sure to log in just before or at the time of any remote scheduled sessions.  

Students are not required to have their cameras on during remote Google Meet or Zoom sessions. There may be a variety of reasons or factors as to why a student  may not turn on their camera. We ask CSV tutors to be sensitive to and understanding of student privacy and to focus on building a positive and productive relationship.

Please alert CSV staff ahead if you cannot make a scheduled remote session. We will notify students / families and assist with rescheduling as needed.  

Please do not record any of your remote tutoring sessions (audio or video). Taking screenshots during your sessions is also prohibited.  

Additional Guidelines for Upper School (Learning Center) Tutors

If you are an upper school tutor and you have been independently contacted by a student or student’s family outside of your regularly scheduled sessions, please do not respond and alert CSV staff immediately.  

Please do not exchange any form of direct contact information with the student (email, phone, social media etc.). CPS  and CSV staff will work with you to ensure you have resources and materials and to schedule sessions.