supporting Cambridge public school students

Three Cheers for Volunteer Keira Bromberg!



CSV is fortunate to count Keira Bromberg among its valued elementary volunteers. Keira, a weekly classroom assistant in Jill Fousek’s combined grade 3/4 class at the Cambridgeport School, just completed her fourth year and is looking forward to continuing this fall semester.

Calling eight to ten year olds “interesting, inquisitive and so much fun to watch as they absorb the world around them”, Keira seems to have found her niche. She began volunteering about 15 years ago as a high school tutor, then took on other volunteer work, and finally returned to CSV to work with elementary students at the Cambridgeport. As a classroom assistant, Keira has appreciated the way cooperating teacher Jill has created such a community of respect among the students. As she says, “I learn things from her every time I’m in the classroom,” skills Keira has used in her own work as a consultant.

Keira’s role ranges from math and reading support to classroom chaperone on various field trips. She works one-to-one with kids as well as in small groups, constantly keeping the learning fun and interesting. She described one particular student who had difficulty reading on his own and was embarrassed to read aloud. Over time, Keira helped him to break down a storybook to one page, then to a particular sentence, and then to read a single word, until gradually the student began to engage more and more. Her success was a positive experience for Keira as well as the student.

One of Keira’s greatest rewards came after a trip that she chaperoned to Harvard’s Museum of Natural History with the 4th graders. A few months after the trip, one of the 4th graders had to write an essay on his MCAS test and describe the impact made by one of his teachers. He chose to write about Keira!

Thank you, Keira, for giving back to your community and volunteering at the Cambridgeport School.