supporting Cambridge public school students

That’s a lot of carrots!

Man holding two bags groceries

Not everyone can be a school volunteer. It’s also not always simple to donate important community causes, even those you value.
That’s why we’re grateful that Whole Foods Market did make it easy—easy as pie!  Our gratitude goes out to those of you who became supporters of Cambridge School Volunteers on September 16, 2015, through a special shopping day at Whole Foods Markets.

New staff and new interns were on duty at our Back-to-School 5% Donation Day at Whole Foods Markets in Cambridge.

Whole Foods has donated $14,244, 5% of the net proceeds from its three Cambridge markets that day to our work in the Cambridge Public Schools. Our staff, board members, and volunteers, were out at all three locations for most to the day. We enjoyed meeting many of you in the Cambridge community—those of you who already knew about us, and quite a few who didn’t. We love being a behind-the-scenes force for school success stories, but even better was the exposure that the 5% donation day afforded us!

Vivien Siegel, a CSV board member, took a turn at the information table.

We’re glad to share the news that the grand total of Whole Foods’ donation from that one day was $14,244. That’s a lot of carrots, as Bugs Bunny used to say. This donation—in which you participated—is indeed significant amount for us. As a quite-small nonprofit organization,* Cambridge School Volunteers spends considerable staff time every year just to raise funds to keep a healthy infrastructure for recruitment, screening, training, supervision, and evaluation of close to 1,000 tutors and mentors and other school volunteers.

Whole Foods Jen Lisa
Lisa Van Vleck (l), CSV’s director of corporate programs, and our executive director, Jennifer Fries (r), were on hand to meet shoppers at Whole Foods Market on Prospect Street on September 16.

Our programs are growing, particularly at the upper schools (grades 6, 7, and 8). Your support helps us reach more students. We’re spending a good many of those aforementioned carrots on recruiting and training tutors in our after- and before-school Learning Centers, and for the expansion and supervision of high-quality 1:1 mentoring of seventh-graders by STEM professionals in our NetPals Program. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

*We may be small (with the equivalent of only five full-time employees), but we’ve got a number of things going for us: 1) You! We couldn’t help students without you—current and incoming new volunteers, and  individual donors; 2) We’ve been filling in the gaps for kids who need extra adult attention for fifty years (in 2016); 3) We’re proud that we’re an independent 501(c)3 organization and also a partner of the Cambridge Public School District; 4) We have a Gold Guidestar rating, indicating we meet the highest standards for financial transparency.