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Our Thanks on Behalf of Kids

At Cambridge School Volunteers’ ice cream social May 24, 2018, we honored the dedication of all our volunteers and our corporate partners, on behalf of the students of the Cambridge Public Schools and their families. Quite a few volunteers marked five-, 10-, and 15-year milestones with us. We were delighted to celebrate a rarity—a thirty-year mark—with veteran volunteer Tom McCorkle, who helps out Linda

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Getting to Know Margaret Stevens, Reading/Lunch Buddies Mentor

Many people think that CSV volunteers work solo, doing one-to-one tutoring in different K-12 classrooms, and actually, they are correct. Others think that the weekly or bi-weekly mentoring that is done by groups of colleagues from various corporate work sites around Cambridge is the focus of what CSV does. They would be right, too. By getting to know Margaret Stevens, one certainly finds what

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