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The Power of Relationship

As the school year 2015–16 closes this week, the CSV staff has been taking stock, as we always do in this season. We’re tallying, surveying, analyzing, and evaluating programs.

We’ve also been celebrating in the last week. We’ve had a new baby (well,our Intergenerational Math Program director, gave birth to a little girl). We graduated from high school (well, the hundreds of seniors we served this year did, along with the whole CRLS Class of 2016). So many of the seniors in our College Readiness Program have gained admission to colleges and many have earned scholarships as well. We’re excited about the coming school year on their behalf.

We’re also excited about the upcoming 2016–17 year in the Cambridge Public Schools. As you might have heard, 2016 is our fiftieth anniversary! We’re having a banner year. We’re buckling down to the work of making a blueprint for continuing to bring the power of relationship to bear on academic success for our city’s children.

We look forward to you coming back—you, our current volunteers, who’ve made everything possible. See what Mayor Denise Simmons has to say about the many possibilities that our volunteers bring into reality (recorded at our Spring Thank-You and Mingle in the CRLS Fitzgerald Theatre on May 17th):
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We look forward to our traditional fall kickoff orientation where we’ll be meeting our brand new volunteers. We want you to know that before you’ve even stepped over the threshold at a school we already have you in our hearts and minds. We know your potential to make everything come together for a kid in public school who needs extra attention. See what our executive director Jen Fries has to say about the power of relationship in helping kids succeed through tutoring, mentoring, and volunteering (also recorded on May 17th). In this clip, she references our May 3rd training workshop for volunteers on Trauma, Executive Function, and Learning:

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We know our volunteers care deeply about the impact they have on the public school students of Cambridge, and we want to provide the very best matches, the very best support and training, and a rewarding experience for you as a volunteer. The staff and board of Cambridge School Volunteers wishes you a terrific summer.