supporting Cambridge public school students

“Sound out words…try to spell what you hear…”

“Sound out words… try to spell what you hear… do your pictures match your words?” These were the ideas of some K-3 volunteers attending CSV’s March workshop on literacy competencies when they were asked to describe writing goals for young elementary students. Under the capable direction of Angie UyHam and Tracey Delucia, Literacy Coach and Early Literacy Intervention Specialist from the Cambridgeport School, 12 CSV volunteers engaged in interactive dialogue around literacy goals for pre-K to grade 2 students. In addition, participants were treated to a video depicting a first-grader learning to spell the words of a sentence he had just articulated. How fascinating to watch the interaction between student and teacher as the teacher guided the young writer, and to observe the learning process that we have all experienced but tend to have forgotten!

By sponsoring workshops like this one, CSV aims to help volunteers better understand ways to support the CPSD students with whom they work. Today’s training was insightful, practical and fun for the volunteers who attended. Plus, sharing their experiences with trained specialists and each other is a wonderful way for CSV volunteers to gain confidence and knowledge around their tutoring work with students. Thank you, workshop leaders and volunteers!