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Vivian Siegel from the Broad is Newest CSV Board Member

CSV is happy to welcome its Board member, Vivian Siegel, who began her role in June and has already taken a position on the fund-raising committee. Formally trained as a scientist, Vivian is a dedicated science educator and journal editor, and currently the Director of Education and Outreach at the Broad Institute of MIT and Harvard.

Vivian first learned about CSV and its NetPals program when Dan Monahan, CPSD Science Instructional Coach, suggested that the Broad become a NetPals partner (NetPals has become a standout program pairing adult volunteers and 7th graders around science and career awareness). According to Vivian, this was an incredible opportunity for the Broad, giving the bio-medical research company its first chance at recruiting “a reasonably large number of volunteers for sustained outreach activity” with a science purpose. Vivian is excited, too, about additional collaborations with the CPSD around genetics and evolution that will be premiering this spring. Broad scientists are involved with the curriculum as well as the professional development of the teachers through online support forums and classroom visits.

In addition to her busy life at the Broad, Vivian often teaches post-graduate researchers about writing and publishing research manuscripts, and about ethical issues related to publishing and peer review. She is currently working on a book about writing and publishing research papers and hopes to finish it in 2015. For a more complete bio about Vivian, read more about her accomplishments here.

For Vivian, the important work that CSV does in the Cambridge Public Schools has made her new Board role feel like a natural fit. As she has stated, “Broad scientists love being part of this program! Many have told me their interactions with their students have been the highlights of their days”. CSV welcomes Vivian and looks forward to her enthusiasm and input.