supporting Cambridge public school students

Work with Young Scientists November Through March

two rows of teenagers from different ethnic backgrounds, with a row of older volunteers sitting in a row behind them, apparently on bleachers

Want to cultivate a love of science in the heart of a Cambridge student? Does working with the scientists of tomorrow sound interesting to you? Want to make connections with other great scientific minds within the community? Consider being a mentor for a Cambridge Rindge and Latin School student in the annual statewide Science Olympiad competition!

Cambridge School Volunteers is looking for mentors in STEM to advise students for this year’s Science Olympiad. The competition covers everything from Ecology to MouseTrap Vehicles, so regardless of where your scientific interests lie, your service and assistance are needed.

Science Olympiad volunteers dedicate 90 minutes after school once a week to meet with a pair of students. The mentor and students establish a mutually convenient time after school between 2:30 and 5:00, once a week, Monday through Friday. This year’s kickoff is on November 30th.  At the kickoff, mentors will meet their students and learn more about the event. The program runs until March 17, 2018 when the Massachusetts State Science Olympiad will take place.

Apply to be a volunteer Science Olympiad mentor.