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CRLS Science Olympiad Team Flexes Scientific Muscle

Ninth in the State!

A heartfelt thank you goes out to our sixteen volunteer mentor-advisors who helped the Cambridge Rindge & Latin Science Olympiad Team members put their best effort into the statewide Science Olympiad Tournament on March 22nd. Kris Newton, CRLS physics teacher and coach of the team, appreciates that the “CSV mentors shared their time, resources and deep knowledge of specialized areas of science with our hard-working students.  Our team would not have been as successful without this valuable partnership.”  The volunteer advisors are scientists and engineers from the local corporate and academic communities.

DSCN3788_averyCRLS senior Avery Guan (left), team co-captain with Amy Tung and a member of the Mission Possible team, describes his event and his team’s invention:

“My partners are seniors Samantha Mai and [co-captain] Amy Tung. In the picture I am measuring the dimensions of our device. For Mission Possible, we are to build a Rube Goldberg device, which is a machine that sets off a chain of events to accomplish a simple task, which is to light a lightbulb in this case.

A mixture of paper clips and marbles are poured down the funnel and sorted into two different containers. The container that holds the marbles are on a scale that lifts the other side, which has a lit candle, which then ignites a string. The string is attached to an index card that is on top of a graduated cylinder. On the index card is a weight connected to a magnet which is attracted to another magnet that is inside a bottle and coated in baking soda. The bottom of the bottle has vinegar in it. Once the card burns, the weight falls into the cylinder, which pulls off the magnet and causes the baking soda-coated magnet to fall down into the bottle, which releases gas and fills up a balloon on top on the bottle. Over the balloon is a light device that has a paperclip that short-circuits the light. Once the balloon inflates enough, it knocks over the device and causes the paperclip to fall, lighting up the bulb.”

Eighteen students competed in 25 events in all areas of science and engineering. The CRLS team ranked in the top ten in seven events. One event where CRLS shined is the MagLev event. Below, we caught a photo of MagLev team-mates Yaxin Yu and Inez Khan preparing for the March 22nd Science Olympiad Event. Yu and Khan placed fourth in the state competition.

We at CSV offer congratulations to all the CRLS team members. It takes a lot of work to prepare from November to March for the competition, many extra hours after school are invested, and then there’s the steady nerves and early waking required on the day of the tournament! Overall, CRLS  placed ninth out of 45 competing high schools teams in Massachusetts. CRLS was one of only four urban public high school teams. Some exemplary showings by the CRLS team include:


Astronomy 7th place – Inez Khan, Shakib Pranta
Dynamic Planet   8th place – Ellery Buntel, Shakib Pranta
Entomology  7th place – Hajin Kim, Samantha Mai
Experimental Design  5th place – Israel Gebremarium, Samantha Mai, Yaxin Yu
Geologic Mapping 8th place – Israel Gebremarium, Evan Yin
MagLev Vehicle 4th place – Inez Khan, Yaxin Yu
Rocks and Minerals 5th place – Avery Guan, Amy Tung