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Say hello to CSV Tutor Lesley Hegarty!

“I’m always amazed what curious little beings they are,” Lesley says about the kindergartners with whom she works on writing skills. She remarks how at first some are a bit nervous, since it is their introduction to the educational system, but then, “they just want to learn.”


Lesley Hegarty, hard at work helping children learn.
Lesley particularly enjoys working with students who are more challenged by the writing process because she likes to watch the progression as they learn the material. “It’s when they realize -‘I get it!’ – I like to see their enthusiasm,” Lesley says. She has observed that once they “get it” and are capable of doing the work, they want to learn more. Lesley notes the happiness in the children as they overcome the difficulties of writing.

Lesley has also been following one student for three years as his individual tutor. At first, Robbie struggled with writing, but as the years went by, his comfort with writing increased and he has become more proficient. Each year, although there are still new struggles that confront Robbie, Lesley has observed his willingness to meet the challenges. “It’s quite an accomplishment,” she says. Improving his writing skills has also encouraged Robbie to become a better reader, and he has come to really enjoy reading. This will help him become a better writer, as well as a better reader, Lesley points out.

Whether tutoring one-to-one or with a group of children, Lesley’s volunteering experiences have been an extremely rewarding time for her.