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Say Hello to CSV Tutor Beth Chiquoine!

Beth Chiquoine knows both secondary and post-secondary education well. She has taught high school English, as well as writing and literature courses to both traditional-age college students and adult college learners. Beth has also worked in a college admissions office, providing academic support to incoming first-year students.


Beth Chiquoine with one of her students. “I love the variety and challenge that is CRLS…”

This will be Beth’s fifth year of volunteering with CSV, as well as her third year serving on the CSV Board of Directors. She started out in the Tutoring Center, helping students with English and language arts courses. For the last few years, she has worked in the College Planning and Essay Writing program, assisting students with the often frustrating and overwhelming college application process.

She mentors about ten students each academic year, saying that they are “all memorable. I have worked with students of all ability levels and a number of different ethnic backgrounds. I love the variety and challenge that is CRLS.”

Sometimes writing in English can be very difficult for some of the students. Beth’s approach begins by spending a lot of time talking with the students and brainstorming about what they like to do, or discussing their lives, or talking about what Beth likes to do.

“Then we begin to talk and write, just a little bit at a time, either on the computer or by hand (they do the writing).” Then Beth and her student look at the writing and use it to learn about grammar rules, sentence mechanics or just the odd spelling rules that are part of the English language.