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Say hello to CSV Student Deneesha!


Meet Deneesha! This effervescent 17-year-old has been a satisfied customer at the
CSV Tutoring Center since ninth grade when a teacher encouraged her to get help in
Language Arts. Now a senior and applying to college, she reflects back on how three
different tutors have impacted her over the years.

In ninth grade, Deneesha began working with a tutor on how to approach her
assignments and class work by breaking things down into more manageable pieces.
As Deneesha notes, “my tutor really helped me improve my study habits.” She gained
confidence doing assignments as well as classroom work. “It was a great place to get
the help I needed,” she said, even though it was a little hard to walk in that very first

By her junior year, Deneesha returned to ask Tutoring Center manager Rene Meshon
for a Math and Biology tutor. Again, she found the help invaluable, whether it was
reviewing textbook assignments or understanding class notes. The one-to-one help was
exactly what she needed; her grades steadily improved.

Now a senior, Deneesha’s dream is to become an engineer. She decided to approach
Rene again, this time to ask CSV for help writing her college application essays. CSV
offers a College Planning & Essay Writing Program for seniors. Deneesha is setting her
sights on U. Mass Dartmouth, Lowell and Boston for right now. She is also a captain
of the Girls Softball and Girls Basketball teams. She’ll be pretty busy this spring, but
academic priorities prevail. Plus, she gets loving support at home and from the Tutoring
Center. There is no stopping her now!