supporting Cambridge public school students

Program-wide Training: Come Eat, Learn, and Meet Other Volunteers

Join Us for a Free Training Event

Thursday, Dec. 6, 5:30-7:30 p.m.
CRLS School Library, 459 Broadway
Supper donated by the Middle East Restaurant (
RSVP to 617-349-6794
New volunteers are welcome.

K-3 Math Workshop – Games and Activities for Building Number Sense in
Young Mathematicians. The new Common Core State Standards explicitly
focus on the development of deep understanding of our Base 10 system
and of operational properties and relationships. This workshop will
examine a variety of games and activities meant to support the
development of those understandings. All the games and activities will
be drawn from the Investigations curriculum and the Kathy Richardson
support materials, resources available in every school and classroom.
You’ll have the chance both play the games and discuss the skills they
reinforce. Attendees will get a packet of game/activity descriptions
to keep and use in their work with students. Presenter: Glen Sherman,
Director of the Intergenerational Math Program and Math Coach,
Cambridgeport School.

Connecting with English Language Learners (Grades 6 – 12). This
workshop will explore the topic of second language acquisition for
both tutor and student. Participants will become better acquainted
with ELL students and ESL instruction while exploring useful tutoring,
essay writing, and classroom support strategies. This presentation
will provide techniques to integrate creative ideas with homework
assignments and enrichment activities geared to the individual needs
of English Language Learners. Volunteers will have time to discuss
their experiences and ask questions related to their support role.
Presenter: Maria Athanassiou, Adjunct faculty at Lesley University
and Northeastern University; CRLS ESL Teacher Trainer; Former CRLS
B-ELA Teacher-in-Charge, International Student and Family Center;
Former CRLS ESL Teacher, with 20+ years experience.

Coaching Students in Science – Fostering Enhanced Learning by Sparking
Kids’ Own Interest (Grades 6-12). This hands-on science workshop will
look at useful methods for tutoring and mentoring students in Science.
Participants will explore strategies and best practices for science
tutoring in any area, including support to the CRLS Science Olympiad
team. This presentation will focus on how to spark kids’ own
inquisitive interest to encourage them to generate their own
questions. When this happens, it demonstrates motivation behind their
questions and kids learn to help themselves.
Presenter: Tad Sudnick, Former Cambridge Science teacher, 21 years
experience, 15 years Co-director of State Science Olympiad. Tad was
responsible for launching the CRLS Science Olympiad team in 1987, and
under his leadership CRLS won the state championship on three

Gr. 6-12 Math Workshop – Just Tell Me the Answer Already! Creating
Deeper Understanding Through the Use of Questioning – This workshop
will focus on how to help students answer their own questions in order
to foster a more complete understanding of mathematics. It will also
cover several possible scenarios that address common student
misconceptions, and then look at tools that can be used to help
overcome those misconceptions. Presenter: Alysa Breyer, CRLS
Mathematics Department. Alysa teaches Algebra I, Algebra II and AP
Statistics; she is also leader of the Algebra II Team at CRLS.

College Mentor Meet-Up Part-Two – This workshop will provide the
opportunity for College Mentors to share what’s going well, challenges
and the unique story message of their student essay topics. The
presentation will include an overview of the Financial Aid process and
offer some clarity on the process. Resources will be provided on where
to direct students to turn for help. Mentors will have the opportunity
to explore the New Price Calculator and the relevance of directing
students to this resource. The workshop will also explore scholarships
and the range of essay responses that students may need to apply.
Presenter: Gail Wiggins, CSV veteran college mentor, former CSV Mack
Davis recipient and TERI ACCESS staff. Joined by CRLS Guidance and CSV