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Art & Science in One


In Spring 2022, Art & Science in One (AS1) program serves three full, combined Grade 4/5 classrooms at Tobin Montessori School. The program meets at the school’s temporary location at 359 Broadway in Cambridge. Prospective volunteers are invited to apply at to mentor one student in each of one or more cohorts (classrooms). We return this year to our usual in-person format. All sessions with students, plus one training session, will be outdoors. The first training session for new volunteers will be virtual.

Art & Science in One is Cambridge School Volunteers’ outdoor STEAM program for students in Cambridge public elementary schools. CSV trains mentors in techniques of nature journaling with children. Our staff then matches each mentor individually to one student. Mentors volunteer for one-hour and two hour-sessions in a structured, supervised program in which the entire class participates in field study. CSV staff, an embedded drawing instructor, and the classroom teacher supervise these outdoor sessions. Together, the mentor and student develop and extend their observation skills, make discoveries in private and public open space in Cambridge, practice drawing and recording information, and learn about nature journaling from a science illustrator.

Drawing Instructor: Erica Beade

Level: Grades 4 and 5

CSV Program Coordinator: Julie Croston

Resource List:

Places to Draw and Write about Nature in Cambridge 

Comprehensive List of Open Space in Cambridge, including Parks

Cambridge Map

Cambridge Street Trees Map

Nature/Art Hot SpotsĀ 

Art & Science in One Volunteer Deb Lee’s Blog Post on Bronze Insects and Plants in Cambridge

Public Art Tours to take in Cambridge: Nature 

Books and Videos

For Grownups:

A Brief Framework for Nature Journaling (Video), by Cambridge School Volunteers

Introduction to Nature Journaling (Video), by Cambridge School Volunteers

Nature Journaling at Fresh Pond: Interview with AS1 Volunteer Alexis Rizzuto (Video), by Cambridge School Volunteers

Interview with Art & Science in One Drawing Instructor Erica Beade, Part 1

Keeping a Nature Journal, by Clare Walker Leslie

The Nature Connection, by Clare Walker Leslie

How to Teach Nature Journaling by John Muir Laws

For Kids:

Make Your Own Nature Journal (Video) with Outdoor Afro

How to Make Your Own Nature Journal (Video), by Cambridge School Volunteers

Harvard Museums of Science and Culture: Simple Instructions for Nature Journaling (PDF)

The Curious Nature Book, by Clare Walker Leslie

The Nature Connection, by Clare Walker Leslie