supporting Cambridge public school students

The Students of CPS

Cambridge Public Schools Students

are from a wide variety of backgrounds, circumstances, and countries of origin. There are 6,600 students.

The 12 elementary schools (PreK–Grade 5) each have a student body of between 250 and 350 students. The district's one dual-immersion Spanish-English school is a PreK–8 school, serving a similar number of K–5 students as other elementary schools.With Cambridge's “controlled choice” system of school assignment, parents/guardians have a say in selecting schools, so these are not “neighborhood schools” in the classic sense. Students may be from the neighborhood of the school, or not.

Four upper schools serve between 262–290 students each.

The district has one public high school that incorporates the Rindge School of Technical Arts and a High School Extension Program. The student body has 1,867 students.