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4 students received full scholarships in 2012

In Spring 2012, four remarkable students, all children of recent immigrants to the United States, obtained full, four-year scholarships worthy of note, and each with the guidance of one or more CSV College tutors. Congratulations to Adem Ahmed, Naika Clergeau, Atetegeb “Gabby” Fekade, and Filmon Elias!

Science Olympiad Ruth Densamo

Watch out, world – Cambridge Rindge and Latin School sophomore Ruth Densamo is on a roll and advancing non-stop toward a career in science and engineering! Several of her recent accomplishments should shed some light.

Veteran Volunteer Denise Han

Denise Han with her students at Fletcher-Maynard Academy. The students created their own veterinary clinic, complete with costumes!

CSV volunteer Denise Han feels that the first ten years are when children’s brains are wired to form relationships, crucial for “laying the groundwork…and having someone to be there for them.” As a volunteer teacher’s aide in a kindergarten classroom at the Fletcher-Maynard Academy, Denise is that assistance the students need; she is their mentor.

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High School Mentor Beth Chiquoine

Beth Chiquoine knows both secondary and post-secondary education well. She has taught high school English, as well as writing and literature courses to both traditional-age college students and adult college learners. Beth has also worked in a college admissions office, providing academic support to incoming first-year students.

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