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Volunteer Akia Scott, Oracle

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CRLS Student-Written Career Profile:

Akia Scott, Campaign Manager, Oracle

This year, with support from the Cambridge Agassiz Harvard Fund, Cambridge School Volunteers engaged and guided a handful of Cambridge Rindge and Latin students in interviewing professionals in STEM industries. This is the second of the profiles in that series.

“To me this was an opportunity to engage with young kids the way people engaged with me when I was younger and the way that led me to where I am today,” said Akia Scott, a campaign manager at Oracle and Cambridge School Volunteers (CSV) mentor through NetPals. Akia first heard about NetPals through a friend who had previously worked with CSV. Upon hearing about the opportunity, Akia said that it seemed like a cool opportunity and was lucky to be involved. Scott has now been working with NetPals for three years and runs the program for Oracle.

At Oracle, a multinational computer technology corporation, Akia Scott is a campaign manager and sales training facilitator. He works closely with new technologies that need to be sold appropriately to new buyers. “My dad is actually a software engineer, so that’s what got me interested in tech in the first place.”  Akia explained that despite his father’s interest in tech he was always more “business inclined.”

Akia grew up in L.A. and went to a community college for two years. He later transferred to U.C. Berkeley where he studied communication. With his father’s profession in software development Akia was fascinated by the work and wanted to learn and explore more about the aspects of the tech world.

In college Scott studied business and economics to begin experimenting with what he might want to do as a profession. At U.C. Berkeley he narrowed down his studies on communications which is where his interest in business tech came from. “Communications has changed a lot from what it used to be, it used to be broadcast media… I thought it was an interesting dynamic field that I wanted to learn more about,” Akia said as he explained his journey through college.

“Getting that interaction with someone whom I could use to envision myself as gave me an idea as to what it’s like to work in big tech.” Scott explained that he hopes he is able to share a little bit about what his journey was and provide help and understanding to students who are interested in jobs at big companies.

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Rachel Jacobs

—Rachel Jacobs

Rachel Jacobs is a sophomore at CRLS. She has participated in CRLS athletics and is dedicated to her education. Rachel has taken physics and chemistry, which she really enjoyed and found challenging. Writing the article helped her make a connection to these classes because it allowed her to learn what they did to get to where they are now.

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