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Not All Tutors are Adults…Meet Peer Tutor, Eve!


Eve with Tutoring Center Manager, Rene Meshon

If you’ve never been to the CSV Tutoring Center on a Tuesday or Thursday afternoon after school, you’ve missed the buzz and activity of 23 student/tutor pairs as they work together in total concentration. On Tuesdays and Thursdays, Eve is one of those tutors. She’s a CRLS junior, helping her peers in subjects she knows best – math and science.

Now in her second year of tutoring, Eve and her 9th grade student meet twice per week to work together on Physics, a required course for all freshmen. For Eve, the experience is rewarding on many levels, not only to give back to a fellow student who is facing a challenging subject, but also to reinforce certain concepts in science and math that strengthen her own understanding of those subjects. Plus, Eve says, it’s a learning experience to engage in conversations with her student about things that are not necessarily just about physics, but are about life in the community and the larger world. It’s all part of the relationship that has been building since the pair began to work together.

Eve has begun to gauge her student’s use of their tutoring sessions as they go over homework together. She notices how certain questions require going back to an earlier concept, which allows her to reinforce those ideas before they can move on. It’s all part of the tutoring/learning process, something that is rewarding for both student and mentor.

In addition to being a peer tutor, Eve also participates in the Global Awareness Project, History Club and Book Club. Plus, she will again be honored at an end-of-year event this spring along with other students who have gone the extra mile at CRLS. We also wish her the best during this spring’s lacrosse season. As for future plans, Eve plans to attend a 4-year college and concentrate in the social sciences. Thank you Eve for all that you do!