supporting Cambridge public school students

New Schools, New Upper School Learning Centers

A Vassal Lane Upper School tutor meets with her student.
A Vassal Lane Upper School tutor meets with her student.

Layers of the earth…seventh grade fractions…reading aloud with one’s tutor…8th grade math homework…these were just some of the assignments being tackled by the 6th through 8th graders at a recent after-school homework session at the Vassal Lane Upper School Learning Center. Each student or small group was being carefully mentored by a tutor, trained and matched by Cambridge School Volunteers (CSV).

When the school day is over, students know they can come to the Learning Center and work on homework assignments with the help of dedicated volunteers who provide one-to-one and small group attention. Students can request the after-school help by asking their teacher, or teachers can recommend the homework help to the student. Either way, help is available at least one afternoon per week, and often more frequently, at the Vassal Lane Upper School, the Putnam Avenue Upper School (currently located at the former Kennedy/Longfellow School on Spring Street), the Cambridge Street Upper School, and the Rindge Avenue Upper School.

CSV has been managing after-school Learning Centers for many years and providing qualified tutors to engage with students around homework in a supportive, quiet environment. With the creation of four new upper schools this academic year, the need is even greater, as 6th to 8th graders are now clustered into four sites, each with its own after-school Learning Center.

The need for more tutors is ongoing. CSV welcomes interested adults who would like to spend 60-90 minutes with middle schoolers to get in touch and become that mentor that can help keep students on track. We have students waiting for tutors. Please contact us or sign up if you would like to volunteer!