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Mirko Chardin at CSV Learning Center

Middle School Tutoring Praised by Cambridge Public School Principal

On December 7, 2017, Cambridge School Volunteers welcomed Head of School Mirko Chardin to the CSV Learning Center at Putnam Avenue Upper School (PAUS). This year, students are working with their own tutors on Thursday afternoons in Ms. Wool’s science classroom. Students and tutors have been working hard this year and were excited to have Mr. Chardin at the Learning Center.

Mr. Chardin started off by welcoming tutors to the Putnam Avenue Upper School and thanking them for their time in helping students with homework and with subjects in which they need support. He went on to say that the work tutors are doing with students supports the mission of the upper school and helps students stay on track for success. Mr. Chardin told us about the “Good Life,” the school’s vision that affirms all students can be successful, no matter what their circumstances are. The Good Life means that students will be college-ready at the end of high school,  and then successful, engaged members of society,having the best possible quality of life.

Students paid close attention as Mr. Chardin went on to talk about how the Good Life connects to the core values of PAUS—passion, pride, ownership, balance, and perseverance. It is only through hard work that students can stay on track and graduate ready for Grade 9. The head of school took questions from a couple of 7th- and 8th-grade students who asked questions like, “Principal Chardin, what does the Good Life mean to you?”  Students loved the chance to engage one-to-one with their head of school.

Another student asked Mr. Chardin what his favorite core value was and also shared the student’s personal favorite—perseverance.  This student explained he wears a green bracelet that reminds him to push forward on days when he feels like there is too much work and he can’t finish.

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