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Meet CSV’s Newest Board Member – Denise Mytko

Screen Shot 2015-09-28 at 9.44.52 AMCSV is delighted to announce that Denise Mytko, educational consultant, joined our Board in February. Welcome Denise!

Denise is no stranger to the field of education. She earned her Associate’s Degree in Early Childhood Education from Oakton Community College, her Bachelor of Science degree from Northwestern University, majoring in organizational behavior with a concentration in psychology. She obtained a Master of Arts in sociology and public policy as related to education from Northwestern as well, and went on to work for several years in its Center for Talent Development, coordinating programs to engage gifted and talented students. Her Master’s thesis investigated the sociological impacts of early education.

Denise’s work experience includes teaching in a kindergarten classroom, managing a children’s museum, higher education administration and community partnership work at Northwestern, and coordinating an early childhood education program, among other things. Having moved from the Chicago area in 2013, where she’d spent more than 10 years working with pre-K to 3rd graders in the classroom, Denise has already made her mark in Cambridge.

She served as Community Relations and K-12 STEM Manager for Draper Laboratory, coordinating the NetPals mentoring program between Draper and 7th graders at the Cambridge Street Upper School. During that time, she also coordinated Draper’s collaboration with the KeyPals program at the Kennedy-Longfellow School. In fact, she even volunteers as a Reading Buddy with the Genzyme/Fletcher-Maynard Academy program (also managed by CSV), which has made it possible for her to get back into the classroom and participate in the popular read-aloud program for 1st and 2nd graders.  Currently, Denise serves as The Manager of Programs for the Office of Engineering Outreach at MIT and as an education consultant in the Cambridge/Boston area. Denise’s current consulting project is as the education lead for Mass Robotics, a newly proposed consortium in Cambridge that will serve as an innovation hub of robotics, automation, and autonomous vehicles for air, land, sea and space.

Denise has been a huge fan of CSV from the outset. As she says, coming into classrooms for Reading Buddies, NetPals and KeyPals allows her to interact with students directly. She notes, “If I have learned one thing in this cross country move, the goals and needs of students and teachers are the most important causes to work for.” She also sees her new role on the Board as allowing her to give back to an organization that is so strongly committed to exposing students to the technology world around them. Having designed STEM programming that taught coding and robotics to early elementary students, Denise is dedicated to getting all students involved with new technologies. “I see how CSV helps students every step of the way,” she says, and plans to support that philosophy whenever she can.

CSV is extremely fortunate to have Denise on its Board and looks forward to her continued commitment to the students of the Cambridge Public Schools.