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Lectores Fiesta-Books and Lunch!


Students reading Spanish with their Reading Buddies.

The students from Luisa Quintanilla’s second grade Amigos School class were definitely excited as they lined up two-by-two just outside the lunchroom door, anxious to head inside for the upcoming Fiesta. As she raised her hand and signaled, there was a sudden hush, and students began entering the lunchroom. The annual year-end Lectores y Amiguitos (Spanish-speaking Reading Buddies program) lunch was about to begin.


CSV’s Reading Buddies mentoring program, pairing second graders at the Amigos dual-immersion (Spanish/English) program with employees and graduate students from the Harvard Graduate School of Education, has just celebrated another successful year. Students and their semester-long Lectores Buddies were treated to a delicious lunch of quesadillas, beans, and rice on April 12 at the year-end event. But the main highlight of the day was the presentation of a gift book (all written in Spanish) by each Lectore to his or her student. A sea of delighted faces was visible throughout the room as each book was unwrapped.


Lectores y Amiguitos, now in its 13th year, is the Spanish language component to the Reading Buddies program. Once a week, adult mentors come to the classroom and read aloud, usually during their lunch hour. The unique feature of the program is that English-speaking Reading Buddies rotate weekly with Spanish-speaking ones, mirroring the every-other-week Spanish/English academic focus of the school. Managed by CSV, the program has remained a popular initiative for the school’s second graders. According to Lisa Van Vleck, CSV Director of Corporate Programs, “New training and activities around vocabulary acquisition have resulted in much richer Spanish conversation this year. Many students said they had learned new words in Spanish.” Congrats to all on another successful Lectores year!