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Genzyme Reading Buddies Honor an 11-Year-Old Author


MPS Awareness Day and Reading Buddies.

The agenda for Reading Buddies, the student/mentor read-aloud program pairing Genzyme  employees with 2nd graders from the Fletcher-Maynard Academy, took a slightly different path last Tuesday. Rather than having the 2 nd graders choose the books for their adult buddy to read, each adult read the same book to his or her student: Hi, My Name is Allison by Allison Restemeyer. The Reading Buddy day coincided with MPS Awareness Day. MPS is a rare and progressive disease caused by the lack of a particular enzyme from the body. Genzyme makes the drug that helps people with MPS, and Allison, now 11 and living with the disease, wrote the children’s book in order to raise awareness in children and families.

Teachers prepared the students in advance, using photos of Allison and sharing facts about the disease. Purple ribbons were also distributed (purple being the color used to show support for people with MPS). Allison’s hope is that more and more people will be informed of the disease, with  ultimately more research undertaken into its treatment and cure.


This was a day for FMA students to make the connection between their Reading Buddies and their life-saving work. Hats off to Allison, Genzyme’s Reading Buddies and the FMA 2nd graders for participating in a day of awareness. CSV is proud to partner with Genzyme to benefit the FMA community and the community at large.