Resilience: Not a Recipe

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“Relationships are key to resilience,” writes Kara Newhouse for KQED (Read the full article here).

We’re in the business of creating and supporting free tutoring and mentoring relationships that get the balance of predictability and flexibility just right for each young person.

For our district’s 7,000+ students, with most interactions confined to the 2D rectangle of a Chromebook, one-to-one relationships are a shadow of what’s possible during in-person learning. Administrators and educators are trying their best with current resources, but “it takes a village” never rang more true. That’s why we are at full throttle in recruiting, training, and matching adult volunteers from the Cambridge, Mass. community, and nearby, with students.

This month, we have a cohort of student learners in Grades 6–8 who are waiting for a match. Think back to your middle school years. Did a dependable adult help you? Do you wish you’d had someone like that?

Imagine yourself giving your individual attention to one CPS student, one hour a week, through a videoconference, now through May. If that picture looks right to you, email or click here to learn more about how to start.

Students at Cambridge-area universities studying remotely are welcome. BIPOC and ALAANA folks are especially needed to balance our pool of volunteers right now.

Please visit and share the above as a LinkedIn post with your colleagues.