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CSV Volunteers Attend Awesome In-Service Training

Several dozen volunteers attended CSV’s last training opportunity of the academic year. Three different workshops were offered: Moving from Reading to Writing (Grades 7-12) led by CRLS teacher, Jennifer Hogue; Teaching and Tutoring Math – Re-teaching Concepts using Questions (Grades 7-12) led by CRLS teacher, Alysa Breyer, and Math as Play: Games and Ideas to Engage Struggling Students (Grades 1-3), led by math coach and IMP director Glen Sherman. Each was well attended, with lots of time for interaction among participants and discussion with workshop leaders.

As with all of CSV’s trainings, volunteers reported that the sessions were helpful on many levels. Typical comments expressed appreciation for the specific strategies that were discussed, the handouts that were distributed and the chance for newer volunteers to hear from “veterans” about their ongoing experiences.

Some highlights for the reading/writing workshop were the discussion of specific reading strategies and the examples of how to question students in order to best motivate them to learn. Math workshop participants appreciated the use of graphing calculators and computer websites as tools to enhance a student’s learning experience. And early math workshop participants were treated to a video of one volunteer’s experience helping a first grader with math concepts by counting stairs one by one, up and down.

Before heading to one of three workshops, volunteers enjoyed a delicious Mexican dinner donated by Felipe’s Taqueria in Harvard Square and a rich chocolate cake compliments of Whole Foods on River Street. Thank you to both local Cambridge vendors for providing such delicious goodies!