supporting Cambridge public school students

Community Consulting Team providing pro bono support

Cambridge School Volunteers is pleased to announce that we were selected to work with a team of pro bono management consultants from Community Consulting Team to improve and modernize our recruitment methods. CCT’s team of consultants are alumni of leading business schools around the country, and they are bringing their MBA talents to support projects within several Massachusetts nonprofits, including CSV.

The goal of the project is to cast our net more broadly to ensure that when people are interested in volunteering, they are hearing about our work. In particular, we hope to increase the diversity of our volunteer pool. The team will also look at ways to maximize retention. In the coming weeks, CCT’s consultants will be reaching out to interview some current and former volunteers with CSV, as well as conducting a targeted survey and a data analysis, to create a plan for enhancing our recruitment.

Thank you to CCT for taking on this project!