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Cambridge Public Schools Votes in Antiracist Vision, Mission

On June 15, 2021 the Cambridge School Committee voted in an antiracist vision statement and mission statement after more than 12 months of collaborative work by young people, families, teachers, and partners to build the statements. The work was done under the umbrella of Building Equity Bridges, a joint effort of the district and the Cambridge Education Assocation with funding from the Nellie Mae Foundation.

Supt. of Schools Dr. Kenneth Salim, responding to a question from a school committee member, said that coming up with the two statements had “been a very intentional process and one that has tried to have important feedback from from a wide range of folks.”

Two staff members from Cambridge School Volunteers participated in the Building Equity Bridges meetings that developed the statements.

Cambridge Public Schools’ Antiracist Vision Statement, June 2021

All CPS scholars thrive, are empowered, and are liberated through education, learning experiences, and spaces that are antiracist.

Cambridge Public Schools’ Antiracist Mission Statement, June 2021

On the journey to becoming an antiracist school district, the CPS community actively uplifts and collectively holds each other accountable to equitably support our young people and families. We center the voices and prioritize the needs of youth, families, and educators of color with antiracist decisions, practices and policies to dismantle historical oppression and to support learning spaces where all students are known, celebrated, empowered, and thrive.