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From a New Volunteer

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Despite all of the work I have done with children, I was really nervous to be matched to a middle schooler for Cambridge School Volunteers’ tutoring program. CSV’s Learning Centers run in the afternoons at five upper schools in Cambridge. I didn’t like middle school when I was in it, and I wasn’t sure I would be able to help much with that age range. I could specialize in a topic if it was high school, and I’ve always enjoyed working with younger children—but tutoring a middle schooler?

Going into the first session, my worries continued, but Cambridge School Volunteers did a great job at easing me into the process. The first day was all about building a trusting relationship between me and my kiddo so that they would work better with me for the rest of the semester. We talked about some goals they have for attending the CSV Learning Center, and overall it was a really relaxed meeting.

I went home that night surprisingly excited to meet with my student again in a week. I feel like we can take it one step at a time, and I am relieved that Cambridge School Volunteers has matched me with a student who needs help with things that I am already good at and feel comfortable tutoring. Hopefully, my kiddo is as excited as I am to meet up again!

—Amanda Kimball, CSV Learning Center Tutor

Amanda Kimball is an intern with Cambridge School Volunteers while she completes her Masters in Education at Harvard’s Graduate School of Education. While at school, she is exploring how education research impacts the policy sector and how to create communities of change. Prior to starting grad school, she served with Peace Corps Namibia as a Health Volunteer, teaching children positive life skills and about HIV.

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