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Cambridge School Volunteers serves the students of all levels in the Cambridge Public School System, grades kindergarten through 12. We work closely with the Cambridge Public School Department, but we operate as an independent non-profit organization.

Cambridge Enrollment, 2016-17 (DESE)

There are 17 public schools–including 11 elementary schools, 4 upper schools, one K-8 bilingual school, and one comprehensive high school–enrolling 6,794 sutdents in the city.  CSV provides volunteers in all of these schools.

Selected Populations, Cambridge, 2017 (Source: DESE)

Because we receive less than one-half of our operating and in-kind budget from the Cambridge Public Schools, we rely on funding from individuals, foundations, and corporations to ensure that our paid staff may continue their valuable work of promoting the academic and personal success of Cambridge school children.

For more information, visit the Cambridge Public Schools website.