supporting Cambridge public school students

CSV Staff

CSV’s full and part-time professional staff has experience in the fields of education, social work, and program development with at-risk children and families. Staff provide oversight, screening, training, recognition, and support to sustain the impressive contributions of volunteers. Staff manage and coordinate the many tutoring and mentoring programs in the city’s elementary schools and high school.

One of CSV’s vital roles is to ensure that each volunteer activity has a sound educational basis. Volunteers receive orientation, training, curriculum information and support from CSV staff. Staff also evaluate each program to help them stay on track.

CSV Staff

Megan Andres, Director of High School Programs

Julie Croston, Director of Recruitment and Communications

James Duche, Tutoring Center Manager/Teacher

Athena Haywood, Program Assistant for School Year 2021–22

Analía Ivanier, Director, NetPals Program and Manager of Upper School Programs

Lovleen Judson, Program Coordinator, Upper Schools

Ophelia Navarro, Office and Development Manager

Sally Peterson, Elementary Literacy Program Manager

Meg Ramsdell, Executive Director

Mia Richardson, Assistant Program Coordinator, High School